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      We have partnered with a number of local businesses in Toronto, York Region, and the Midland/Georgian Bay area, which will act as pick up hubs for our basket program. Depending on your location we also offer home delivery. Enter your postal code to find a convenient hub near you!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We aim to blend the authenticity of a community supported agriculture (CSA) model with the convenience and diversity of a weekly food box program. Our goal is to inspire members to engage and interact with the local food movement, helping to build a more sustainable regional food system. We look forward to getting to know you over the course of the farming season!

      If you want to sign up for our program but cannot pay by credit card or would like to make alternative payment arrangements please contact

      If you know you will be away for any weekly delivery, you have the following options.

      • You can send a friend or relative to pick up on your behalf. Or, by notifying us at least a week in advance you can ask
        1. to have your basket delivered to another one of our delivery locations
        2. to have your basket given to our charitable partner that will make sure the food is given to people who need it.

      Not completely. We offer a weekly base of 9-12 organically grown local produce items, which will change with the season. You will then have the option to customize with additional products from our online marketplace. Our hope is that by learning to eat and cook with the growing season we can all help build a more sustainable food system. Additionally, there will be a trade box at each pick up location, which will allow you to swap items that you prefer less for those that you really enjoy!