Our Story

ClearWater Farms

MeanderingPathway (1)is a social enterprise intent on demonstrating how healthy food can be grown in ways that restore the surrounding land, water and community fabric. Through our network of farms we inspire our employees, neighbourhood volunteers and customer/partners to grow, prepare and share fresh, nutritious food using organic and regenerative practices that showcase the creative potential of sustainable agriculture. A flagship initiative of the Ontario Water Centre, an educational organization with charitable status, ClearWater’s food production supports our educational mission: to further place-based experiential learning through school and camp-based youth-focused programs, and through partnerships with community groups. To find out more about the Water Centre and its commitment to ClearWater Farms, click here.


Taste, Nutrition
and Quality

ClearWater is committed to combining state-of-the-art chemical-free growing practices with tender, love and care to consistently produce delicious, nutritious food for you and your family.

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How We Grow

ClearWater wants to show the world that how we manage our land directly affects the health of our water. ClearWater works with the land to slow, store, and cleanse water as it moves across the landscape. We use chemical-free pest control methods to help rebuild soil biology and rely on diverse planting patterns, crop rotation, and attracting the right kinds of pollinators and beneficial insects. Our permaculture approach and low-till practices increase the resilience and health of our farmlands so they can continue to be sustainable over time.

Bettering the Environmental, Social and Economic Health of Local Communities

ClearWater is committed to farming in ways that support people, earth, water and communities.

In particular , we want to offer hope and a better future for young people in the areas where we farm.

ClearWater’s approach to youth engagement in particular was recently given an important vote of confidence: in late 2016, Ontario Trillium Foundation has provided $800,000 to help us build capacity to work with 2,500 kids per year on our farms by 2019. Your support of ClearWater’s food production will help make this possible.

Our Farms

ClearWater is building a demonstration site at the historic Reed Farm in Georgina with two other locations in the Lake Simcoe/Georgian Bay watershed, at Gilford and Waubaushene. Over time, ClearWater will add additional sites, partnering with affiliates that share our vision.

Sheep in the Road


Historic Barn
Forest Pigs + Dome





Water and food both play a big part in the economic development of healthy social relations and economic growth. ClearWater is committed to engaging people with farms in their communities, and with each other, in order to further their appreciation of the role of water in sustainable food production.

Our Team

Director of Farming Operations

Nathan grew up on a farm and, following a decade-long sojourn into consulting & software management, began building a sustainable farming operation and consulting business, most recently as co-owner of 10 Fold Farms
in Waubaushene, ON.

ClearWater Executive Chef

Award-winning chef Cori brings years of experience making delicious food to the ClearWater team, most recently as owner of Cori's Cafe & Catering in Sutton, ON.  She will be crafting simple, yet scrumptious recipes to help you make the most of your weekly food basket

Marketing & Logistics

Melissa has worked for 15 years in hospitality, marketing, and farm logistics management, most recently as co-owner of 10 Fold Farms.  She will be responsible for building and maintaining our customer relationships.

Farm Technician

Michael's passion for personal and social transformation has taken him on a journey which includes time spent working with youth in Morocco, hiking an ancient pilgrim's route in northern Spain, an undergraduate degree in philosophy, and more recently, as a contractor and builder in Toronto. This diverse set of skills, as well as his commitment to social and community development, will be drawn upon as a member of the Clear Water team.

Farm Technician

Tyler has extensive experience in permaculture and sustainable small farm agriculture, building and running his own mixed market garden farm and forested pork and pastured poultry operation.

He is excited to use his skills and knowledge to help develop and build the ClearWater Farms network.