Spicy Sausage


A hint of heat for those who like things spicy

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The fabulous taste of Forested Heritage Pork with a hint of heat. Not too spicy. Packages are about 1lb and contain 4 sausages.

Menu Suggestion:

Gumbo, of course

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You can choose to have your order created as a subscription. If you choose 1 week your order will be completed one time. If you choose 4 weeks, your order will be repeated every week for 4 weeks and your credit card will be automatically charged each week. For example – if your order is 3 packages of Honey Garlic Sausage and 2 packages of Pork Chops:
If you choose 1 week – you will receive 3 x Honey Garlic Sausages and 2x Pork Chops with the next delivery.
If you choose 3 weeks – you will receive 3x Honey Garlic Sausages and 2x Pork chops with each delivery for the next 3 weeks.