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Choose from 5 of Chef Cori’s award winning soups and stews. Choose 3 soups and 2 stews.

The perfect go to meals to have in your freezer or a wonderful care package to give to a friend. From our hearts to your soul.

All soups come frozen in two serving vacuum sealed bags. 10 servings in total.

Remove soup from packaging before warming.

Soup Choices:

Cream of Tomato and Basil (Vegetarian, gluten free)

Nine and a Half Leeks (Vegetarian, gluten free)

Carrot and Ginger (Vegetarian, gluten free)

Stew Choices:

Beef N’ Barley (dairy free)

From Russia with Love (dairy free, gluten free)

Butter Chicken (trace amounts of gluten)

Where’s the Smoke Chili (dairy free, gluten free)

Eenie Meanie Chili Beanie (Vegan, gluten free)

Ratatouille (Vegan, gluten free)

Order Instructions:

You can choose to have your order created as a subscription. If you choose 1 week your order will be completed one time. If you choose 4 weeks, your order will be repeated every week for 4 weeks and your credit card will be automatically charged each week. For example – if your order is 3 packages of Honey Garlic Sausage and 2 packages of Pork Chops:
If you choose 1 week – you will receive 3 x Honey Garlic Sausages and 2x Pork Chops with the next delivery.
If you choose 3 weeks – you will receive 3x Honey Garlic Sausages and 2x Pork chops with each delivery for the next 3 weeks.


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