Weekly Basket Program

Our food box program offers weekly shares of 9-12 items of organically grown, local produce, featuring a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.  The contents of each food basket, linked with relevant recipes, will be sent to you ahead of time to help facilitate shopping and healthy meal planning.  Beginning in early June, baskets will be available for pick-up from a hub in your community.  Share sizes range from $28.50-$46.50 weekly, individual, regular, and family sized.  Each week, you can use the ClearWater website to add to your basket artisanal products such as free-range eggs, heritage pork, and forest-grown mushrooms.  Additionally, we offer prepared foods produced by ClearWater and its local partners, as well as other sustainable meats and speciality products.  Eat well, live well, and join our farming community!

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When you click ‘Order Now’, you will be led through the following steps. You will not be charged until you enter your payment details and click “Place My Order”

Step 1: Choose Basket Size

We offer three share sizes to accommodate a variety of preferences. The individual share is designed to be a good size for one person. The regular share is great for couples or that hungry vegetarian and the family size will feed a household of 2-4, depending on appetites!

Step 2: Choose How Long Your Will Receive Food

Depending on your location we offer a number of different options. The full season runs for 32 weeks from mid April to the beginning of November. The 24 week season can be customized to the start and end dates that work best for you. We also offer a weekly subscription option so you can choose when you would like to start your deliveries, and cancel anytime.

Step 3: Choose Pickup Location

We have partnered with a number of local businesses in Toronto, York Region, and the Midland/Georgian Bay area, which will act as pick up hubs for our basket program. Depending on your location we also offer home delivery. Enter your postal code to find a convenient hub near you!

Step 4: Summary of Total Cost

We provide you a breakdown of the total cost of your purchase based on the choices you have made. You can earn discounts here by deciding when to pay for your purchase. for example, pay 100% upfront and get 10% off your subscription. You can also choose to add eggs, extra greens, and bacon to your basket for weekly delivery.

Step 5: How to Pay

Payment preferred online using Visa or Mastercard. If you want to sign up for our program but do not wish to pay by credit card, we will also accept an e-transfer or payment by cheque. For e-transfers please use the following criteria:
Email ID: finance@ontariowatercentre.ca
E-transfer question: Name of farm
Answer: clearwater

For payment by cheque please make your cheques payable to the Ontario Water Centre
Mailing address: 12-16715 Yonge St Unit 175, Newmarket, ON L3X 1X4

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